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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I expect you to be trustworthy and compassionate enough

Cabinet Ghazouani Law Firm.
13 av. Salah Ben Youcef, Menzah 9 A.
Tunis 1013, Tunisia.

It is with a heart full of hope and earnest humility, I write to seek your help to the content below. I came across your contact through web directory, I therefore decided to contact you for a partnership business. I am Mr. Cabinet Ghazouani, a close confidant attorney to Zine El Abidine Ben Alli who led Tunisia for 23 years before stepping down amid unprecedented wave of street protest.

Having gotten your contact, I have no doubt in your ability and goodwill to assist my client in receiving into your custody for safe keeping the sum of One hundred and fifty five million United States of American dollars ($155M USD).This sum is currently kept in a Fiduciary Certificate Account with a banking institution in Europe. However, the new Transitional Government has on assumption of office setup a panel to probe the financial activities of my client with a decision to freeze all his assets respectively. Presently some cash and assets have being frozen and seized. The government had earlier placed foreign traveling embargo on all the family members and seized all known local and international outfit of my client business empire. The situation has been so terrible that he is virtually living on the mercy of his royal highness the current king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz. In view of this plight, I expect you to be trustworthy and compassionate enough to respond to this call to save my cli


However based on my counsel, this deposit have been fully protected from been discovered by anyone, I have also counseled him that this deposit be urgently move into an oversea account of a reliable foreign partner for safety purpose. I have made perfect arrangement with the bank to effect remittance of this money within ten (10) working days of the receive of your response through my personal email: (cabinetghazouani51@hotmail.com). For your helpful and kind assistance in this transaction 24% for you and 1% set aside for any miscellaneous or incidental expenditures in the cause of this transaction.

Please kindly endeavor to contact me without hesitation upon receive of this letter and my client and his family will forever be grateful unto you for making yourself available.

Yours respectfully,
Mr. Cabinet Ghazouani
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