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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elaborate proposal and details of this offer

Dear Sir/Madam

I send you greetings. We have found your contact email address listed on an Internet Business Directory and it is my wish to do business with you, hence your receipt of this letter.

We are brokering an Investment deal in your country on behalf of a client. This deal will involve the eventual investment of $25.000.000,00 Million Dollars. (Twenty Five Million United State Dollars) in your country.

We are by this letter offering you our partnership, so as to allow us have you as representative and manager of invested funds in your country within the time frame of the investment/partnership scheme.

We have kept this proposal brief, if you are Interested in this offer of partnership, please respond to this email as stated email: (dan.bommel@aol.com) and give us your full contact details plus company profile, and in response we will send you an elaborate proposal and details of this offer.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Bommel
Tel: +31-619-207-655
Email: dan.bommel@aol.com
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